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Bravo Security can install a variety of CCTV systems from basic digital cameras to powerful HD cameras with automatic zoom, night vision, facial recognition, thermal imaging, automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), tracking devices or ‘talking’ cameras that can be monitored continuously from the internet.

Our CCTV systems offer higher resolution and frame rates, improving retrievability and data retention periods due to greater storage capacity.

The new generation of smart CCTV systems can combine visual surveillance with biometrics technologies and are composed of cameras, a monitor and a DVR (Digital Video Recorder). Alternatively, NVRs (Network Video Recorders) can be used if the cameras kits are exclusively over IP (wifi enabled).

The recording storage of the surveillance systems can last for up to several months and vary from a minimum of 1 TB up to 80 TB for the 4K Turbo HD systems.

See our online store for pricing and to configure your own system. Alternatively, contact us to discuss your CCTV project.


Features At a Glance

24/7 callProtect your home or business 24/7 around the clock. Easy access to your cctv system via laptop, phone or tablet. We can also monitor your cctv system cameras, simply choose one of our maintenance plans when you book your installation.
cctv iconQuick and reliable cctv installation with less holes, damage to your walls and reduced costs. The majority of our cctv cameras are wireless or over IP.

cctv warranty iconUp to 3 Year Warranty Every system comes with up to three year, no hassle warranty. If you have an issue with your system or components, give us a call. We’ll get everything working properly or replace the defective items.
portable cctv iconSince the majority of our cctv cameras are wireless or over IP, if you end up moving there is no need to purchase a new cctv system. Simply remove the security cameras and take them with you. Or give us a call and we will remove them for you!

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