• GPS electronic tracking devices

    GPS Electronic tracking devices


A GPS tracking device is a surveillance equipment that uses Global Positioning System to determine and track the location of a vehicle. GPS Electronic Tracking Devices provide intelligence on the movement of an object and particularly on a living person. The GPS tracking device is used in physical surveillance operations to aid the surveillance operators track the vehicle in real time as well as logging the vehicle movements.
The electronic GPS tracking device will give a clear indication of telematics information such as the location, speed, routes taken and events like speeding, ignition on/off etc. The data collected from the GPS tracking devices is corroborated with photo/video evidence and forwarded to the client as part of our interim and final reports.

Electronic GPS tracking devices benefits

  • The location of the GPS tracking device can be accessed in real time or by SMS with links to Live Map which is highly beneficial to track the movement of the subject vehicle in real time
    GPS tracking data is logged in a secure cloud and can be accessed from a smartphone, laptop or computer anytime from anywhere in the world
  • The GPS tracking device is extremely precise with an accuracy margin of one (1) metre
    The device location is displayed against a map backdrop either in real time or when analysing the data later (recorded history of device locality/movement)
  • The electronic GPS tracking device can listen for audio conversations within the proximity of the vehicle
  • The GPS tracking devices have a powerful magnetic base and can be attached to any metal surface within a matter of seconds
  • The GPS tracking devices have a long battery life (up to 3 months depending on usage)

Why use Bravo Security GPS’s tracking devices

Our private investigators have a proven record of using GPS tracking devices as part of commercial, private and corporate surveillance operations. We have successfully intercepted vehicles using GPS tracking devices even in the Central London’s heavy traffic.

Please note that Bravo Security Ltd is bound by The Association of British Investigators Code of Ethics, Good practice guide & Policy use & Deployment of global positioning system (GPS) electronic tracking devices.

We can only deploy GPS tracking devices as part of a surveillance operation and not as a standalone solution to track the movement of a subject unless the client is the owner of the vehicle.

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GPS Electronic Tracking Packages

Prices include deployment and removal of GPS electronic tracking devices. Please contact us before booking.