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Its dark and late and your office alarm goes off but you don’t have a contract with a key holding company. It’s your designated key holder trained and ready to deal with a potentially life-threatening situation if someone is actually breaking in? Can you afford to pay and rely on employees to come early and stay late to lock/unlock the building, switch electrical appliances off, check for late workers, check all doors have been locked etc.? For an affordable monthly fee, we can take the strain off your shoulders and provide your business with a tailored key holding and alarm response solution that will protect your employees from ever being put in danger with an added benefit of a potential saving in insurance premiums.

When the alarm is activated outside working hours our mobile response key holder will be deployed to check the building for damage or ‘break-in’. In case there is an unauthorized person on the premises we will liaise with the Police and emergency services and will update the client designated POC while securing the location. If there is any damage we will liaise with a locksmith company to board up to prevent further damage and ensure your premises are secured.

In case of an alarm activation, our mobile response and key holders will deal with the situation which means that your staff is not put at risk

  • Your alarm is activated
  • Our mobile Keyholder patrol will attend your premises
  • On arrival, your premises will be checked thoroughly for damage and trespassers
  • In case of a false alarm, the premises will be secured, a calling card left and a full report will be emailed
  • In case of a break in, we will liaise with the Police and law enforcement to resolve the incident while keeping you informed
  • If there is any damage we will contract a locksmith company to board up

We will also check all areas of the building for any late workers, secure all windows and doors, and turn off any unnecessary electrical appliances or lights before setting the alarm.

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