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Process Serving

Our process servers are experienced, qualified and skilled in serving a variety of legal documents. We can serve any type of legal documents within the SAME DAY. We can server Injunctions, Orders, Applications, Petitions and other documents for clients from an array of legal sectors such as Commercial Litigation, Family, Property Litigation, Criminal and Insolvency.

When contracting our service, you can be sure that we will serve personally per your instructions. Bravo Security enquiry agents will complete the service within the same day or if the subject is not in the location, we make up to 3 attempts to serve the documents at various hours, with at least one attempt outside business hours. We conduct enquiries in case there are difficulties in meeting the client, ensuring that you are informed of such circumstances. If the client is not reachable after 3 attempts or per your instructions, we will issue an abortive return or take a witness statement supporting an application for substituted service, if applicable. Each successful instruction is accompanied by a certificate of service and witness statement.

Bravo Security is fully DPA notified in the UK. All instructions are handled with utmost discretion and reporting. We certify that our agents adhere to strict regulations and code of practice when serving legal documents.

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