Safety advice following concerning increase in crime reports


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Don’t be a victim

Every year thousands of people end up loosing their belongings in burglaries, thefts or robberies. The damage is not just material but also psychical as many victims feel unsafe in their own house. Once you become a victim, statistics show there are higher chances for the offenders to return. Therefore, a vicious circle starts and is unlikely to end unless you take enough measures to deter the offenders. What the offenders are usually looking for is an easy target. This could mean an open door, open window or simply no one home.

This is what you have to do to avoid becoming a victim:

  1. -Locking your back doors and windows before answering the front door – thieves often work in pairs, one distracting you at the front door while the other tries the back
  2. -Using your spyhole and chain and ask who they are through the door first
  3. -Checking for identification, even if a person has a pre-arranged appointment.
  4. -Not letting a person in if you are not expecting them and they don’t have ID.
  5. -Closing the door if you need to leave to get something.
  6. -If in doubt, asking an unsolicited caller to leave and come back at a more convenient time when a family member or friend can be with you.


Also is very important that you do not post on social media e.g Facebook, Twitter your whereabouts. There are known cases of people leaving their homes unattended and posting photos from exotic locations, just to find out upon their return that their home has been professionally cleared. In other words, all their possessions were gone and nowhere to be found.

Our advice

Your best bet is to have a burglar alarm and a CCTV camera system professionally installed. Research shows that criminals tend to avoid houses where security systems are present. The deterrence factor is crucial as many crimes are mostly opportunistic.

Even if the intruder alarm or CCTV cameras are not enough to deter, criminals will be under a lot more stress as the risk to get caught or identified is higher.

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