Statement following cyber ransomware attacks


cyber security

Cyber crime is currently affecting a large number of organizations throughout the world. Ransomware cyber crime such as the recent NHS attacks have affected the trust by blocking their computers in a vast number of hospitals. Criminals demand payment to ‘unlock’ the computer networks within a certain amount of time or if such demands are not met, then systems will be made unusable. It is currently unknown if the personal data stocked within the systems has been affected in any way.
We would like to reassure our partners and clients that our organization have measures in place to prevent such attacks and we have not being affected by cyber crime. We have invested in data protection and put in place contingency planning to respond to such incidents including cybernetic attacks ensuring the data stocked within our systems is safely encrypted and unaltered.
Our company is processing data strictly abiding to Data Protection Act 1998 principles.

Should you have any queries regarding the data stored in our system please contact our DPA team at

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