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Bravo Security Limited was established in 2014 and since has protected some of the biggest companies out there. Our approach to security and risk mitigation has been flawless since our inception and we are constantly investing in develoment of better service and training to improve the quality of our solutions and to raise industry standards.
We are regulated by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) under the Security Industry Act 2001 for the provision of security guards, door supervisors, CCTV operators and Key Holding.
Our management has taken a heuristic approach to risk which has allowed our company to grow and provide an unparalleled level of service that has never felt short of the highest customer praise. Our main goal is to become a "one-stop-shop" for the provision of security services, private investigations and enforcement services. We are working hard to achieve all our objectives and Key performance Indicators for our stakeholders, customers and industry regulatory bodies.

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"Protecting and serving your business."


Our vision is to constantly improve the quality of the security and investigation services we provide and to acquire more market shares based on our improved capability to deliver such services.


Our mission is to provide leading end-to-end security services by integrating technology with manned security and private investigations, to create smarter and more effective solutions that are capable to prevent, detect and eliminate risks across all operational areas.


  • B- Build: Our business is build on relationships that last
  • R- Responsability: Take pride in fulfiling our duties
  • A- Accountability: Take full account of the level of service provided
  • V- Value: Empower staff and work togheter to achieve goals
  • O- Objective: Open, honest and transparent when sharing ideas and views

  • Encourage employee participation and teamwork
  • Reward achievements and succesful initiatives
  • Constant development to improve knowledge and skills
  • Adapt to technological advances and be flexible to change
  • Collaborate with other organizations to share knowledge and ideas

    Client profile – Event company

    Briefing – Client is organizing events throughout the year across the United Kingdom and they require man guarding to safeguard their staff and goods. Client previously used an approved contractor who failed to guard their stand as this was vandalised and painted with graffiti during a night shift.

    Services provided: Security guards, mobile patrols

    Area – United Kingdom

    Duration – 2017 – Ongoing


    The events were taking place inside or around national points of interest. Each location has its own challenges to which we must adapt “on the go”.

    Below are some of the locations were we have supplied security guards:

    Network Rail

    • ·         King’s Cross Station London,
    • ·         London Victoria
    • ·         Canary Wharf, London
    • ·         Waterloo Station
    • ·         Brighton Station
    • ·         London Euston Station
    • London Underground
    • ·         Oxford Circus
    • ·         Piccadilly

    Shopping Centres

    • ·         Birmingham Bullring
    • ·         Aberdeen, Scotland

    ·         Norwich


    Case study #1 King’s Cross Station London

    Kings Cross is one of the busiest railway stations in the world. Daily, over (insert number) of people use the station to travel across the country. In addition, with London’s Charring Cross and Euston station nearby the central location also attracts over (insert number) of commuters. The high number of commuters and tourists is unfortunately also attracting bad social elements. The area has the highest recorded number of crime related offences per square mile in the whole UK.

    Task: Client erected a large promotional stand outside the station. We were tasked to guard the stand 24/7 with security guards and mobile patrols.

    Threat level: HIGH

     Risks: Terrorist threat, criminal damage, theft, violence

    Additional aggravating factors: Recent terrorist attacks

    What we did: We have supplied a total of six (6) uniformed security guards for a period of one (1) week which were tasked to safeguard the staff and stock. Our security guards were inducted in addition to their training to be able to work in a railway station. Our security guards have constantly patrolled the area and acted both as a deterrent and as a reassuring authority.  

    The results: Despite the challenges our security guards have successfully acquitted their duties and no incidents were reported. No stock was reported missing and also nothing was reported being damaged during the event. The client praised the professionalism of how our security guards have handled various situations which could’ve escalated if not handled properly.


    Case study #2 London Victoria Station

    Victoria Station is one of the busiest railway station in the world. Over a (insert number) commuters and tourists alike arrive and depart from the station each day.

    Task: Client erected a large promotional stand inside the station. We were tasked to guard the stand 24/7 with security guards.

    Threat level: HIGH

     Risks: Terrorist threat – Stand can be used as a decoy for a suspicious package

    What we did: We have supplied uniformed security guards which were tasked to safeguard the staff and stock. Our security guards were inducted in addition to their training to be able to work in a railway station. Our security guards have constantly patrolled the area and acted both as a deterrent and as a reassuring authority.

    The results: A passenger left their bag unattended in the vicinity of our stand and this was spotted by one of our guards. Our guard prompt reaction was to question the passenger for leaving the bag unattended which was shortly removed. The guard prompt reaction means a possible eviction of the station was avoided. The security guard was praised by the station manager who made a mention of this incident in the daily briefing.

    We are pleased to report that no stock was reported missing or damaged during the event.


    We have a dedicated team of experts working behind the scenes to ensure our security and investigation services are delivered at the highest professional standards and to exceed customer expectations.
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    Cezar Ionica M.A.B.I. CertHE

    Managing Director

    Harry George

    Business Development Manager


    HR Manager

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