About Our Company

Bravo Security Limited is a privately owned security company and investigation agency established in London, United Kingdom. The company was formed in 2014 by former prison officer Cezar Ionica with the purpose to provide a high level of safety to our clients. The company has grown steadily and now serves a multitude of customers from various industries. Our capacity to deliver a high level of service has established us locally and continues to nurture our expansion. We are able to assist national and international clients that require high standards of safety and evidential trail in accordance with legal regulations and codes of practices.

We have the expertise and capability to deliver:

  • A single point of contact for enhanced coordination and reporting.
  • Global network of resources.
  • Scalable services ranging from one-time to long-term embedded personnel.
  • ROI-driven approach to security and investigation that creates value for clients’ businesses.
  • Innovative and cost-effective security and investigation solutions.

We can also provide a single point of contact (POC) and guide clients through the maze of suppliers by helping them to select and to evaluate cost and performance. We ensuring suppliers meet all the legal requirements as well as verifying they hold adequate technical skills and capabilities for the performance of services to accommodate customer demands.

Our staff

Our staff are the most important asset for our business. We taking pride in employing only the most suitable, professional and reliable people to serve our clients.
All our staff are SIA licensed, security vetted to BS 7858 which checks 5 years of employment history, criminal record, references and credit checks. The licenses are regularly checked and our employees receive additional training in breakaway techniques, first aid at work, diversity in the workplace, drug awareness and counter-terrorism.
Our staff is required to abide to a strict Code of Conduct both on and off duty as part of their employment contract.

We use bodycams to protect our staff and prosecute offenders

To protect our employees, clients and member of the public we now equip each member of staff with state of the art body cams to help deter violence and aid prosecution. We collaborate with the Police and other law enforcement agencies to reduce theft, criminal damage and violent behavior and also to prosecute offenders. We noticed the use of body cams had an abrupt decrease in assaults on staff and also the conviction rates have increased dramatically because the video evidence is available for the Police in real time.

Health and Safety

We have a Health and Safety Policy in place which is regularly updated to keep our staff and clients safe.
Bravo Security Limited holds Safe Constructor status Approved for the provision of security guards and private investigations.

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We provide a range of services including...

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Private Investigations